Our Employee Is 3D Printing PPE For First Responders In Tennessee

By April 7, 2020 April 9th, 2020 No Comments

Our very own social media director Robbie Green has helped start an initiative in Sumner County, Tennessee to help first responders, hospitals and medical professionals in the fight against COVID-19 by 3D printing and manufacturing reusable PPE face shields. In less than two weeks, his group C19 Liberators has added over 25 people to the printing team, received over $4000 in donations and more importantly, delivered over 800 face shields to facilities across the county. Currently the group has an order total for more than 1700 of the face shields, which is growing every day. 

Check out the video below from a local Nashville television station to see Robbie, the team and more of the story. If you want to learn more about the initiative or want to help their effort, visit their website: http://www.c19liberators.com