Spotlight On Our Client

By August 30, 2019 No Comments

Local photos and content from SERVPRO franchises dramatically increase exposure and engagement on social media platforms. Miles Early owner of SERVPRO of Boynton Beach (as well as SERVPRO of South Miami, SERVPRO of Cutler Bay and SERVPRO of Lake Worth) brings Riley and Charlie to the office frequently. They even travel from SERVPRO office to office, bringing joy to employees and customers. Working with the local SMR’s, we developed a series of 5 social media posts all featuring the adventures of Charlie and Riley. Combining compelling graphics with relevant text helped these weekly posts reach more consumers and potential new customers on social media. Local photos and content also shows your company’s personality, which makes an emotional connection with the consumer.

One of the most popular posts was a photo with Charlie and Riley and the text …. Charlie & Riley always like to joke that they are the models for our professional carpet cleaning services. Can you guess who the ‘Before’ is and who the ‘After’ is?” #itsadogslife 

This single post reached over 1,500 people and generated over 400 post engagements. Consumers want to put a face with the business and see that you’re human and relatable and what better way than to show the office’s mascots. Telling your brand’s story through pictures of your staff or pets shows your audience what makes your company so unique and successful. Social media is about building your brand. Using compelling local content will help you build brand awareness and name recognition in your local market.